Influenced by the  lyrical urgency from the likes of Lupe Fiasco,  the song-making and breathtaking  musical ability of legends like Stevie Wonder, and by what embodies music that sparks spiritual and cultural change from pop culture giants like Michael Jackson, Trey Furman is a rapper, singer, song writer, and actor from the mid-sized town of Hampton Virginia. 

He began writing poetry in elementary school, but has always had a passion in the art of performance. In high school, he joined the drama club, and eventually became president. During his time spent in high school, he also became president of the "Project Inclusion" club, which was an organization focused on increasing inclusiveness in schools and communities amongst all genders and minorities.

In 2019, Trey began to write more and more poetry, and eventually began to write songs. After acting in a few student films, he realized that his passion was entertainment, and that he was destined to be a performer, whether it be music or acting. When Covid-19  took the world by storm in 2020, Trey began to take his writing more seriously, eventually announcing his album "Disconnected" later that same year. On January 18th of 2021, Trey was introduced to T.R.I.G at Exalt Recordings, and began working for the studio as a videographer, eventually answering his calling as a musician. On March 29th of that year, Trey recorded his first ever song, and though it never got released, he realized that he was more than a talented rapper, but also extremely creative, as the song raised a few eyebrows, with singer songwriter, Kendale, putting him on a few of his songs.

In the Summer of 2021, Trey began to perform at local open mic nights and showcases with Kendale. Around this time, he realized that performing for people is his favorite part of being an artist. With this extra motivation, Trey began to dedicate most of his time working on his aforementioned album, Disconnected. 

2022 was the biggest year yet for Trey, as he dropped two singles (Silence on June 15th and Nights In on July 1st), and opened up for the likes of Montana of 300, and Jonny Craig. Trey was elated at the fact that he got to perform at Elevation 27, on the same stage that he witnessed artists like Earthgang and Benji perform only two years prior. 

2023 saw the official release date announcement of "Disconnected", on September 1st! This album is inspired by the journey that took him to where he is at today, and has an emphasis on numerous trials, tribulations, and struggles that he encountered along the way. He emphasizes that he wants to be honest with his listeners, as he feels like it is the best way to have a connection with them. Trey has stated that even if one person listens to his music and feels something, he is satisfied. He hopes to one day, however, reach and impact the lives of millions with his profound words and musicality. Trey is planning to release two full length albums in 2024 alone!


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